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August 1978 Playboy Magazine

Featured Articles

• The Playboy Sex Poll
• Playboy Interview: John Denver
• Abhorrent Green Slippery City
• Blackjack For Blood
• Star Sparts
• Whoooooosh When Rocket Ships Were Really A Blast
• Playboy’s Playmate House Party
• Not Just Another Great White Hope
• Swingers’ Scrapbook
• The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol
• Scorpio Rising
• A Spirited Finale…
• The Humminest Little Football Movie In Town
• Playboy’s Christmas Gift Guide
• Sex From The Sages
• Club Date
• Sex Stars Of 1977
• How I Spent My Spring Vacation On Tour With Kiss In Japan
• Don’t Pay Attention To Any Advice On Physical Fitness … …except This
• Card Tricks

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